April 15, 2018

VezPartner Station

Pay with     & 800+ altcoins

NEM / Stellar Blockchain Tools - Open Source (Free) 100%
Catapult - VezPartner Governance (100K) 40%
Light Client SDK (200K) 1%
Vezclub / Payment Gateway - Open Source (400K) 1%
Complete Open Source - Stellar / NEM Integration (500K) 1%

This exclusive governance sale is only available to  > 1,000 CVZ holders

Bonus:  7% CVZ


Community members can pre purchase 500 CVZT at a 20% discount before the private token sale to become a VezPartner. As a VezPartner, you will  act as a supernode in the ecosystem by helping to process transactions in return for collecting network fees.

Here’s an early look at the VezPartner Dashboard 

After our ecosystem Go-Live in December, the myCoinvest community plans to have a Token Sale in order to distribute Vezcoin Tokens globally and  establish a decentralized governing  entity responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the financial ecosystem.

Public Vezcoin  Token Sale = $1.00 / CVZT