March 11, 2018

Bounty Program

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Vezted by myCoinvest: Issue No. 2

I. Technical Development

The ‘myCoinvest’ mobile application is now available for alpha testing on iOS and Android devices for all interested users through the end of April. We will begin Beta testing upon App Store release, targeted in May 2018.

If you are looking to become a tester, please visit our website here and create an account. Our savings solution features an incentivized automatic savings platform that allows users to save for both short and long term financial goals. Our ecosystem offers several financial services such as: SMART Saving Wallets, Savings on Demand, VEZCOIN Networking and the VEZClub Marketplace (VZME).

We’ve started development for VEZClub Marketplace and will provide more updates soon on the functionality leading up to our October 2018 launch.

We’ve also rolled out updates to our iOS app, which include an aesthetic update and a few functional adjustments. Android updates should follow early next week.


Smart Wallet: Automated savings - Users will create savings objectives or “goals” to help them save. Weekly bank transaction round ups will help users save automatically without thinking
Once their savings are on the platform, they start to earn interest based off market rates. On average our return for users is 21% annually.

Buy/Sell: Users will be able to buy & sell cvz / cvzt to use in the ecosystem. On this screen users will also have their NEM blockchain wallet, which will allow them to send/receive XEM or CVZ.

Network: Users will be able to earn extra income based on their network activity or investor score : (Account balance + Recruiting + Vezting)

Noted Bugs:

iOS — Users have reported issues with their app logins not redirecting to the myCoinvest website. The development team is currently reviewing and will provide an update prior to our next issue.
Android — A member reported their inability to update their account information or phone number. Trouble was also reported with bank account linking. As of this publication, the issue is under review.

VezClub Exchange Site:

Our developers have started building out functionality for NEM blockchain integration between the VEZClub, and mobile app.

VezClub is an interactive global exchange where users will be able to safely and anonymously exchange currency such as vezcoin and other rewards points on the myCoinvest network.

Visit our website to check out the exchange!


Join the myCoinvest Airdrop here. Upon registering for the Airdrop, be sure to follow myCoinvest on all platforms listed toward the bottom of this page. Through engagement, registered users have the chance to win 500 vezcoins every week. The myCoinvest team will randomly select 5 winners each week.

II. Community Outreach

Utility & Community:

In efforts to create a true utility token, myCoinvest will be distributing CVZ as far globally as possible through the means of vez tasks; or community tasks done to help build the network. The distribution is planned from June until October in preparation for the myCoinvest Go-Live, or the first day of production for our VEZClub marketplace. Network users will be able to complete short and long-term projects in exchange for a vested interest in our ecosystem through our Vezcoins and tokens (CVZT).

During this time, the myCoinvest team will test and perfect the ecosystems savings model and release periodic data updates to the NEM community to show continued progress.
myCoinvest admins will post various tasks daily that are a part of a larger community advancing project, and for each project we will assign an appropriate amount of CVZ to the task. Upon task completion, the user is paid within 24 hours.

Our hopes are that the decentralized team work of our community will create meaningful value and utility for our Vezcoin which will drive the successful “go live” of our savings ecosystem!

Get involved, and start helping now by visiting our community forum at!
NEM Proposal:

It’s a big deal. We’re creating something new and we want you to be a part of the process. The team has begun the drafting stages of our NEM proposal and will provide additional insight into this process along the way. Please participate in discussions on Telegram and in our community forums, because you have a stake in this, too.

TokenFest | San Francisco:

On March 14th, 2018, CEO Corey Patterson, COO Ahkeem (AJ) Taylor, and Omar Ahmed, UX Solution Architect traveled to TokenFest in San Francisco.

TokenFest is a two-day conference focused on the business and technology of tokenization. Nearly 1000 senior-level thought leaders were in attendance to share information and insights regarding the state of the token-based economy.

The team got a chance to meet with a seasoned SEC lawyer to discuss current business objectives and legal processes. As well as network with event attendees to establish key relationships with potential investors and industry leaders.

From attending TokenFest, our team came to the realization that we’re right on track with regards to similar blockchain, startup companies. During the conference, many companies in attendance lacked a clear vision or defined growth plan. Thankfully, we have one, and you’re a part of it.

Atlanta NEM Meetup

myCoinvest’s second NEM Meetup will be taking place in 318 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA on April 14th 2018 at 1PM. The topic of this meetup is NEM use-cases projects. We’ll discuss case studies like Luxtag, Bankera, BlockGrain, and Choice. Bring your questions and your friends! If you are interested in attending please register here.

Brand Ambassador Program

Our Brand Ambassador applications are still open! As a myCoinvest Ambassador, you’ll represent myCoinvest and help to spread the word about our platform. Check out the following link to view the benefits of becoming a myCoinvest Brand Ambassador.

III. Team Expansions

myCoinvest welcomes Shaquille Fontenot, as its Director of Marketing. Shaquille graduated from Clemson University and has a background in Telecommunications Marketing and Strategy.
The team is currently comprised of 13 individuals with a diverse skill set. Corey Patterson & Ahkeem (AJ) Taylor serve as founders of myCoinvest with extensive backgrounds in Information Systems. Since founding, both Corey and AJ have brought additional technical talents on board to assist with the growth and development of myCoinvest. View an outline of our team here.

IV. Community Shoutouts

Shout out to Alvin Marquez for his ongoing support in testing, participation in utility task and projects, and being an overall great community member.

You can follow all updates related to myCoinvest on the following platforms:
· Official site:
· Twitter:
· Instagram:
· Telegram:​
· Facebook:

Share myCoinvest V2 white paper on social media. Maximum of 3 payouts Validation: Screenshot + 1 engagement

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Translate the myCoinvest version 2 white paper into your local language. Validation – Upload completed translation

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Create CVZ Bounty bot to track and report CVZ bounty claims Validation: Admin Cordination

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Task: Fill out required fields below to become a VezPartner. Duties: The duty of a VezPartner is to increase the overall awareness of the myCoinvest ecosystem through referrals, advertisements and other means of marketing. Requirements: Must have at least 20 airdrop referrals. Confirmation: Once you become a VezPartner you will receive a confirmation message through your NEM

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Upload a link of your desired Amazon product, and we will email you back our Amazon referral link + free CVZ. This will help us list thousands of Amazon products on our NEM powered Vezclub Marketplace. Validation: Submit product link & Order Confirmation #

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Join our channel at *Completing this task automatically grants users eligibility for weekly airdrops* Referred users will receive 500 bonus CVZ Proof of Completion: Submit screenshot of in-app use

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Create and manage a Telegram channel specific to your region. Duties: Administrate the channel. Translate material when applicable. Invite new users. Moderate for spam. Remain active. Requirements: Must be a myCoinvest Ambassador. Channel must contain 35 unique members. Must coordinate with Ambassador Manager. Validation: Admin Coordination

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Dedicate or mention an article or blog post about myCoinvest Payout: 40,000 CVZ Proof of Completion: Screenshot or upload link to article under proof of completion.

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Write a Use Case Scenario Essay Tell us about a myCoinvest feature you are excited about, and how it will improve a situation you are currently in. You have free will to write as you please, as personally as you like, and about any aspect pertaining to myCoinvest. Bonus: 30,000 CVZ bonus will be issued to

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Join our Telegram channel, then invite at least 2 friends. Telegram URL: Limit: You can only claim this payout once. This is just an incentive to get you started. We hope you will continue to invite others and tell them about our Utility in Community task system! To prove that you have invited friends:

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Engage with the myCoinvest team on the BitcoinTalkNEM forum with any questions regarding our solution   Validation: Screenshot

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Create Instructional YouTube video for myCoinvest simplifying a process flow   Validation: Upload YouTube URL

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Sign up to join and become a Vezcoin ambassador in your local area. Become a Vezcoin Ambassador Validation: Application

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Reach out to college students and give general information about myCoinvest Goals: – Distribute business cards – Gather student information (first and last name, email and phone number) -Get registrations for: app testing airdrop telegram community.

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Download app for Android and IOS Test different application features and report errors or possible improvements in the forum.   Proof of Completion: Submit screenshot of in-app use report any bugs via myCoinvest forum:

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