How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint in 3 Simple Steps. [2020] Updated

How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint in 3 Simple Steps

How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint in 3 Simple Steps.


Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint is the error in discord faced by users that often occurs while connecting with the voice chat, Discord Servers, and some other discord internet-related issues. How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint error is due to the Internet Connection or Discord Server Issue or Internet DNS cache problem.

So, How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint error? Whatever the reason is but the solution to the problem is very easy and handy. The problem can be fixed easily and you don’t even realize that you fixed in such a short time.

What is Discord by the way?

If you still didn’t hear about discord, let me give you a short description of it. Discord is a free text and voice chat for gamers by gamers. Unlike TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord is the most secure and it’s free for a lifetime. No hidden charges but if you wish to support Discord team to grow, there is an option for donation.

No need to pay for servers, rent servers to host your own discord server. All you need to do is just open an account and you are done. If you wish to create a server it can be done with simple steps.

Discord allows group Hd voice chat with your friends and you can also connect with your friends with text chat.

Discord For Gamers:

Discord is mostly used by gamers which makes them simple to contact while In-Game. Most of the online games like PUBG, GTA Online, RageMP use discord which allows players to play together, voice chat together. Discord provides tons of features for gamers.

Because of its features Discord is not only used by gamers but also used by many tech companies as a support system. So, if anyone having problems, people can join the related server he’s looking for.

Things you need to know about Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error:

Discord Awaiting Endpoint error might be the irritating problem but it can be fixed easily with the steps mentioned below. If there’s problem with your end i.e, internet-related issue it can not be fixed. Mostly Awaiting Endpoint error occurs if you have slow internet speed.

This is the common error that occurred in Discord which may lead to other errors for voice chat, ultimate loading, Discord lagging, Discord Connection Issues, and many other discord issues.

List of Discord Awaiting Endpoint Errors:

  • Discord Awaiting Endpoint private call: This is one of how to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint error occurred while making a private voice call over friends. This error can be fixed easily with the below methods.
  • Discord Server down: Discord servers sometimes may go down for maintenance or any security patch updates. We can not do anything if Discord server down. You can check if is discord down or not from their official website.
  • Discord Stuck on Connecting: This is the common problem faced by many people because of the slow internet connection. To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint, make sure to get a fastest broadband connection.
  • Discord RTC connecting: It occurs while joining a group voice chat in discord. It can be fixed with the below methods.

How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint with these steps:

DNS Flush Method :

Discord Awaiting Endpoint can often occur due to DNS cache (Domain Name Service). this DNS cache is a temporary database cache stored by your operating system. This problem sometimes may lead to Discord Awaiting EndPoint error.

By clearing DNS cache, it removes any invalid records or IP addresses stored by your operating system.

To clear your operating systems DNS cache, open terminal (CMD in windows.) and enter the following commands according to your operating system.

How toFix Discord Awaiting Endpoint 1

Before proceeding with the steps close your Discord app and it’s process and run the cmd.

Windows: ipconfig /flushdns

Mac os: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Linux: /etc/init.d/nscd restart

Make sure to run terminal with administrator rights in order to get best results. After successful flushing of your, OS DNS make sure to restart the system.

Error fix using VPN:

If you didn’t know about VPN, it’s also known as Virtual Private Network which allows you to change your IP address. It unblocks websites blocked by your ISP.

There are many premium and free VPN’s out there in the market. After you done selecting a VPN, just connect with the fastest server and open discord app. You will be able how tofix discord awaiting endpoint. Later on, you may disconnect Vpn and continue using the discord app.

Changing server temporarily:

If you are the server moderator or a server admin you can able to change the current server of the channel. This problem is due to server down or any other related issues.

There are many other data centers to choose with which works the same as the old server.

  • This method works only if you are server or channel admin and this method works like charm.

How to Fix discord awaiting endpoint

  • Go to your server settings and you will find general options such as server name, icon and you also find server location.

How to Fix discord awaiting endpoint

  • Just change server location to any other location and relaunch your discord app.

Troubleshooting Tips on How To Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint:

Reinstall your Discord App: If you don’t find any of these methods working then I recommend you to reinstall your discord desktop client app and follow these methods.

Temporary and Prefetch files: Clean your OS disk using the Clean manager and also delete all your temporary files and prefetch files. I hope you aware of the procedure for cleaning disk. If you didn’t, just type clean manager in windows search and you’ll able to find one.

Check Internet connection: If you got a slow internet connection, you’ll able to come across these problems in discord. Make sure to optimize your internet connection.

Wrapping Up:

I hope you able to figure out the problem to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint in this article. I’ve listed out all the methods and solutions which can help you to fix the error in discord and all possible troubleshooting tips. if you didn’t find any of these working then contacting the discord support team is the best choice.

They are able to help you out at the best they can.

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