April 24, 2017

Become a Vezcoin Ambassador


vezcoin ambassador


Token holders and members of the crypto-community can apply to become a VEZCOIN ambassador. Ambassadors will play a very important role in the growth and awareness of our community. These knowledgeable associates will function as local backers, experts and officials of the VEZCOIN and the CVZ Ecosystem in their local regions. They must be informed and enthusiastic about blockchain technology as well as the NEM blockchain. Benefits for ambassadors will be plentiful.


Ambassadors will:

  1. become a part of the global ambassador network,
  2. receive investment returns of investor manager level,
  3. have direct access to the ecosystem and receive priority order fulfilment,
  4. become central figures regarding press and communications concerning VEZCOIN in their region,
  5. be exposed to various industries relevant to the growth of the VEZCOIN,
  6. receive 250,000 VEZCOIN monthly as an incentive for being an ambassador
  7. $100 XEM equivalent
  8. Event Compensation – (Reference onboarding ambassador guide)
  • How may we help you? Please be brief as much as possible.


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