Write a Short Personal Use Case Scenario- L2_ 90,000 CVZ

Project - Social Media Outreach

Posted 9 months ago

Write Use Case Example

Write a Use Case Scenario Essay
Tell us about a myCoinvest feature you are excited about, and how it will improve a situation you are currently in.
You have free will to write as you please, as personally as you like, and about any aspect pertaining to myCoinvest.

Bonus: 30,000 CVZ bonus will be issued to applicants with essays of exceptional quality, as determined by myCoinvest team.
If English is a second language to you, you may include a translation in your native language to automatically qualify for bonus.

Below are some example topics.

Example 1: If you’ve had financial difficulties, are living paycheck to paycheck, or otherwise haven’t been able to build a savings – Tell us a bit about your experience, and how you hope to use myCoinvest to improve your situation.
Example 2: If you are currently sending remittance payments from one country to your family in another – Tell us about the current process you use, and how the myCoinvest process will be an improvement.
Example 3: If you are a developer, or otherwise have 3rd party software to connect to our API. – Tell us a bit about your project, and how myCoinvest can expand it’s potential.

Limit: You can only claim this payout once. Please put thought into your writing. No need to divulge personal information like names of family, but do try to keep your essay on a personal level.

To prove completion of your work: Upload essay below. Include your email and NEM Address to receive payout within 24 hours!

Your writing will be displayed publicly, and may be used in myCoinvest marketing. By submitting an essay, you consent to it’s use for these purposes as well as grammar corrections, if necessary.

Job Features

Job CategoryMarketing
Track Taskhttps://mycoinvest.atlassian.net/
Pay90,000 CVZ

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